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Tea Tree Oil Shampoo For Greasy Hair

product introduction :

Nicol shampoo suitable for oily hair has a formulation with high washing power and hair strengthening properties, which removes excess oils from the scalp without harming the scalp and the glands that stimulate the secretion of sebum. And excess sebum is prevented by the relevant glands and regulates the activity of these glands. Using this shampoo also prevents dandruff, itchy scalp and hair loss.

product features:

High cleansing power

Control sebum secretion &regulate scalp oil

Hair Fortifying

Inhibition of 5-alpha reductase enzyme

Anti-inflammatory &itchy scalp

For oily scalp &hair


Moisturize wet hair with enough shampoo and gently massage on scalp and hair for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Use this shampoo at least 3 times a week for an unlimited period.


Keep in temperature of 10 to 30 degrees and out of reach children and keep direct sunlight.

  • 22t Anti-inflammatory & itchy scalp
  • hand-sanitizer_3333982 280MLe9.3FL.OZ
  • V2-paint High Cleansing Power
  • 5 56/30682
  • ژل شستشوی چرب Tea Tree Oil
  • 23 9084736994


Deionized water, Ammonium  Laureth Sulfate, CocamidoPropyl Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Polysorbate 20, Cocamide MEA, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) oil, Polyquaternium-10, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Zinc PCA, Citric Acid, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance.

Effective ingredients::

The soothing combination of tea tree oil in the product strengthens the scalp, removes hair impurities and restores health to them. For thousands of years, the miraculous power of the tea tree has been passed down from generation to generation by the native tribes of Australia, and it has been referred to as one of the most effective and widely used ointments in nature.

Niacinamide or vitamin B3 present in this shampoo has antioxidant properties (preventing the development of acne lesions caused by free radicals) and anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the occurrence of inflammatory acnes and is an effective combination to remove skin redness. Niacinamide reduces the production of skin oil, which is one of the causes of acne, this vitamin also reduces the size of skin pores on the scalp and improves skin conditions.

Zinc PCA is a product stock of an active ingredient that helps reduce unwanted excess oil (sebum) and gives the skin a fresh feel. Also, the zinc in the composition plays a role as an antibacterial and hair strengthener

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