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NICOL is runs with a start-up mentality where freedom within a frame is the mantra. Finally, our passion for our jobs extends beyond our office walls… we’re determined to make a difference.

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Nicol brand is a young brand that has started its activity in the cosmetic industry since the beginning of 1401. One of the most important goals of this brand, which was founded by an Iranian lady, is to raise the quality of life of people in the society. Obviously, the use of personal care products that are produced with the highest quality raw materials can be one of the factors of raising the standard of living and creating a positive feeling among people, especially women

Currently, Nicol's products include shampoo for all types of hair, face wash gel for all skin types, cleansing solution for all skin types, and hair mask. It is worth noting that the raw materials for the production of these products are sourced from countries such as Germany and France, and utmost care and sensitivity has been spent in providing the composition and type of formulation so that it can have the greatest effect on the consumer, followed by user experience. Offer him a more worthy one

According to the vision of Nicol company and according to the crystallization and expansion of knowledge in the field of cosmetics and health products, one of the most important goals of this brand is to complete the family's product portfolio using top quality products. Obviously, the effort to reach this lofty goal with the support and support of our valuable customers and their empathy will bear fruit in this direction.

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